Following the roasting of the Special Coffee green beans is not so easy as it seems. It’s not a repetitive and automatic operation, on the contrary it’s an important moment when the difference is made by the machine but also by the hand of the operator.
The commodity, the Special Coffees, are not all the same and, having different origins with different characteristic, they will have shades and aromas always different.

Roasting profiles: the main details for a Special Coffee

Inside the roasting process of Special Coffees, there are “roasting profiles”, indicating the importance of two fundamental variables: Time / Temperature.
If we report roasting time and temperature on a diagram, crossing data minute by minute we will have a profile that will be useful in the roasting phase of our Special Coffee and that, of course, will change according to the Speciality Coffees variety.

tostatura artigianale | caffe speciale

The “test” and the artisan roasting of a Speciality Coffee

Speciality Coffee roasted with artisan work needs a “test”. Before the roasting phase, the Artisan Master roasts a small quantity of coffee to find the ideal temperature and time of the roasting process. An important moment, because it allows to find the right roasting profile to intensify Speciality Coffee features. To do that, it is necessary to taste the selected coffee, to confirm or not the used roasting standards.
Roasting temperature can reach 300 degrees, a high value, and there are no rules about the flame level, the process duration or the temperature if not related to each Speciality Coffee, after roasting a small quantity.
So, also during the roasting, a Special Coffee does not take chances, every decision is not casual but the result of conscious choices based on tests, experience on the product and on the commodity behavior.
tostatura artigianale | speciality coffee

Artisan roasting and a cup of real Special Coffee

How does the roasting process influence a cup of Special Coffee?
An artisan roasting is fundamental to taste the real aroma of a Speciality Coffee. In fact, without an artisan work it is not possible to check that union of time and temperature, a distinctive factor of Special Coffees. Thanks to craftsmanship and dexterity, the commodity reveals authentically its properties, always different. On the contrary, the standardisation of the working process will bring to a product that takes no account of shades and originality of Special Coffees.
caffe speciali | tostatura artigianale

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