The Artisan Coffee of Casa Fiorilli and a Master of Special Coffee.

The Casa Fiorilli’s Special Coffees that arrive in our cups come from authentic work, guaranteed since the beginning, in distant lands, until it arrives in Trieste, in the small artisan workshop that Fiorilli brothers carefully chose. Franco, the Artisan Master, starts his work with a commodity already selected and special, because of a mix of variable factors, such us micro-climatic phenomena, that make it unique. On a small quantity of special coffee, Franco makes a “roasting test”, a manual process to find a correct roasting profile for that special coffee.

With this main aspects that make Casa Fiorilli’s Special Coffees a 100% artisan work, Franco keeps the roasting procedures, creating the moment in which each bean expands and contributes to create the aroma and the taste of Casa Fiorilli. The little workshop is full of a special sent that gives room to imagination; the moment for tasting is almost arrived, the moment that Casa Fiorilli’s Special Coffees give off aromas and true flavours. These arise thanks to the manual process, in addition to attention and care that the Artisan Master uses during the roasting, a fundamental moment where the respect for the commodity is at the centre of the whole process.

Casa Fiorilli’s taste, a Special Artisan Coffee

Pierluigi and Valentina prefers a human-sized work, that’s why they chose Franco that works manually, following all phases in the roasting process. Every Mondays, in Casa Fiorilli the Special Coffee beans still green reach high temperatures that change colour and give to coffee beans that unique bronzed colour.

During toasting, in the small Casa Fiorilli’s workshop in Trieste, coffee beans become gold, they are dried and they become bronzed, obtaining friability. Our Master craftmanship and knowledge are expressed in this phase and they need competence and professionalism, background obtained thanks to his years of experience in the artisan work.

“Divine coffee, whose taste remains in your mouth all day long” (J. N. A. Rombaud)