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Arabica and Robusta coffee blend and their organoleptic properties

Casa Fiorilli coffee blend comes from the gathering of two coffee beans, different for many aspects and together they give rise to several tastes pretty much intense, pretty much sweet, pretty much sour. They are Arabica and Robusta, known for their names and less for their characteristics that are essential for a personalized coffee. Arabica, with its taste more delicate and less bitter, a strong acidity and intense aromatic sensations, creates with Robusta, with less prominent organoleptic properties and bitter hints, a coffee blend that Casa Fiorilli offers in 4 different variants, to give coffee lovers a product that can understand their taste as closely as possible.

Differences between Arabica and Robusta and the result of the coffee blend

The first, that prefers a height over 1.000 mt and needs many rains, is the 70% of the coffee in the world and it comes from South America, Central America and Africa, particularly from Kenyam Ethiopia and East Africa.
The second one, instead, is cultivated in West Africa, such as Camerun and Ivory Coast, and in Far East, such as Indonesia, it grows also in low heights and it doesn’t need high humidity.

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