Artisan roasting on demand for Casa Fiorilli Speciale Coffees

One of the features of Casa Fiorilli is the Special Coffees roasting, not just artisan but also On Demand: Fiorilli brothers’ Speciality Coffees, in fact, are characterized by their freshness, thanks to their on demand roasting. A manual process that enjoys not just tasters but also good coffee lovers, eager to know better Casa Fiorilli’s Speciality Coffees.


Casa Fiorilli’s Special Coffee beans are roasted and packaged exclusively after clients’ request, ready to arrive directly in their house to release aroma and freshness of a Special Coffee just roasted. So our Artisan Master works in his laboratory to give everyone his own Special Coffee, processed in respect of its uniqueness, rarity and freshness, as guarantee of a real Speciality Coffee.

A fresh roasted coffee to taste a real Speciality Coffee

Casa Fiorilli Speciality Coffees come from small and selected cultivation and their on demand roasting it is not just a guarantee of a fresh roasted coffee, but it preserves uniqueness, respecting its natural characteristics. Franco, Casa Fiorilli’s Artisan Master, through a toaster with a variable intensity burner, realizes several roasting profiles. And each Monday, Casa Fiorilli’s Roasting Day – the day of Special Coffee roasting – he uses them to roast the quantity requested by clients.


So there is no roasted coffee left and aroma and scents of our Speciality Coffee don’t disperse. Casa Fiorilli Special Coffees are far away from every standardization of the working processes. The artisan and on demand roasting is the proof of that and it tells the philosophy of Fiorilli brothers about the world of Special Coffees. A world where the difference can be the shades and the ability of maintaining the organoleptic properties that can tell a new story, the unique and original story of  Special Coffee.

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