Casa Fiorilli
The House of Special Coffees

From family tradition to Special coffees’ innovation.

Casa Fiorilli and Special Coffees’ history has remote roots, from a family that since ‘900 knows, appreciates and spreads the delight of a great coffee.
A delight started again by Valentina and Pierluigi Fiorilli, children of a consolidated tradition that along the years has been known in Abruzzo and before that in Molise, in Campobasso, then in Pescara, the city that still host Casa Fiorilli’s founders.


It’s Valentina and Pierluigi’s idea, after travelling and visiting places that offer direct experiences, to tell special coffees’ life, and particularly what’s hidden behind coffee, a drink so loved, matching taste, culture and knowledge, distinguished just by an excellent and manufacturing process that involves the whole sector, with careful detailing.

Casa Fiorilli’s birth and a Special Coffee culture

That’s how Casa Fiorilli was born, from a precious past to the Third Coffee Wave, concentrating on the concept of “special coffee” and promoting it as artisan product that Fiorilli siblings know very well. That’s why Casa Fiorilli’s founders chose Trieste to start their journey through special coffees, the city where coffee beans meet Italy, furthermore an important partner, Franco, a long-standing craftsman.

In a human-sized workshop Valentina, Pierluigi e Franco select, toast and prepare their special coffee to tell a whole Italian story, that stands out for its experience and the manual action of every process. Finally the Heart of coffee arrives in bars, offices and your homes, the special coffee that it’s possibile to experience thanks to its 100% artisan production that keeps its freshness, its aroma and the taste of a freshly brewed coffee. A detailed work of Casa Fiorilli, the house of Special Coffees.

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons (T. S. Eliot)