Casa Fiorilli Special Coffees a good coffee in every moment of the day

Casa Fiorilli Coffee, a special break

Casa Fiorilli atmosphere is Valentina and Pierluigi’s work. Since they were kids, the world of conviviality, of good taste, of excellent breaks are actually their family business, always conducted with passion and commitment by their father, that gave them curiosity for a world to discover.

Spreading the culture of a good coffee and the joy when sharing Special Coffee in company is the base of the journey of Fiorilli brothers. A family tradition that continues and broadens the horizons, getting out of the patterns to involve different worlds, where coffee can be the difference.


Our Coffice service, what’s better of a good coffee at work?

Coffee is an ointment for heart and spirit, Giuseppe Verdi said. That’s how Casa Fiorilli Coffice was born, a service that brings in companies a break moment with taste and a good coffee. Carfeully worked out, it has easy pads and an espresso machine to easily and quickly serve an excellent coffee.


Coffice has already cought the attention of several institutions, such as Wider Yacht that chose Pierluigi and Valentina’s coffee in their offices and on a 150 feet in Montecarlo, giving to crew and guests a tasting moment during their promotional tour. Some branches of BCC bank in Abruzzo did the same.


Casa Fiorilli Special Coffees and horeca sector to match the best Italian cuisine

Casa Fiorilli Special Coffees, thanks to development and care of the horeca sector, are also the icing on the cake of the best Italian restaurants. Coffee, as folklore tells, is the conclusion of family dinners, lunches with friends, tastings with best chefs. In these moments Casa Fiorilli Special Coffees are the best seal for a special moment, came from far away to tell stories and emotions.


That’s how Casa Fiorilli Special Coffees meet artists of food and great restaurants, proposing Speciality Coffees with particular aroma. With unique origins, excellent for the great attention during the coffee production, they arrive in Casa Fiorilli labs where they meet Franco, the Artisan Artisan Master, ready to give voice to the beans of the Special Coffee selection for gourmet professionists.


Behind every successful man, there is a considerable quantity of coffee.