Not too much caffeine, rich and sweet

Arabica 100%

Arabica blend

A blend with 4 selected Arabicas

  • VARIETY: 100% Arabica
  • ORIGIN: Brazil, Central America, India and Ethiopia
  • SPECIAL REMARKS: not too much caffeine, rich and sweet
  • TYPE: Coffee beans/Ground coffee
  • PACKAGE: 250 g

7,60 Vat included


A selected 100% Arabica

In Casa Fiorilli we have a 100% Arabica blend, selection of exclusive varieties of Arabica coming from Brazil, Central America, India and Ethiopia. It comes from an artisan work and it has not too much caffeine for an important roundness and fullness. An enjoyable coffee that everyone agree on, ideal to taste in company or with friends.

Taste and flavour of the Arabica blend

Coffee tasters find in Fiorilli brothers’ 100% Arabica cocoa and almond hints that enrich the aroma, making it recognizable. A balance between sour and bitter sensations is the background of sweeter notes making Casa Fiorilli 100% Arabica blend ideal for everyone that love coffee and appreciate the uniqueness that comes from a detailed coffee production.