El Salvador Finca San Joaquin

Special Coffee features

A Specialty with a sweet and lovable profile

  • VARIETY: Bourbon
  • ORIGIN: Chalchuapa, Santa Ana, El Salvador
  • GROWER: Pacas family
  • ALTITUDE: 1553 asl
  • AROMAS: fruity, cocoa, citrus
  • PACKAGE: 250 gr
  • TYPE: Coffee beans/Ground coffee

9,50 Vat included


Finca San Joaquin, a specialty on the slopes of the volcano

The plantation, which belongs to the Pacas family since 1905, covers 30.97 hectares and is located at the highest point along the eastern slopes of the “Lamatepec” volcano.
This is why people call it “the farm of the morning sun”.
The coffee plants grow in the shade of Inga trees and receive the sun until noon.
The name San Joaquin is in honor of the husband of Senora Santa Ana, patroness of the original city of the Pacas family.

The unmistakable taste of “honey” processing

The expertly extracted coffee is presented in the cup with a very regular homogeneity and development. Important texture, creaminess and hold, result in a high olfactory intensity.
In tasting it is sweet and lovable like a fruit jelly. The delicate acidity is enhanced in the aftertaste, when a mandarin vein emerges.