Speciality Coffee Colombia Huila | Fiorilli Caffè

Pasty body with an intense variety of orange and a good background of walnuts and almonds. Aftertaste of pink grapefruit.


Special Coffee features

A Special Coffee with bronze and golden cream.

  • VARIETY: 72% Castillo – 28% Colombia
  • ORIGIN: Tello, Huila, Colombia
  • GROWER: 21 Women Cafeteras del Norte del Cauca
  • ALTITUDE: 1.400 – 1.700 m
  • AROMAS: Orange, almond, walnut, grapefruit
  • PACKAGE: 250 gr
  • TYPE: Coffee beans/Ground coffee

7,60 Vat included


A Special Coffee from the cultivations in Huila

In Colombia, precisely in the municipality of Tello in Huila, the Caffè Speciale Colombia Huila is born, a blend given by the mix of two varieties of Colombian coffee, Castillo and Colombia. Cultivated in 56 hectares of land at an altitude ranging from 1400 to 1700 meters above sea level, Colombia Huila is a coffee with a female history, having as its direct growers 21 women of Cafeteras del Norte del Cauca, which are part of the Asociación De Mujeres Rurales cooperative De Tello Huilla and who work every day to obtain a fine coffee with a unique aroma.

The uniqueness of the Special Coffee Colombia

The Columbia Huila is grown in the homonymous department of Huila, specifically in Tello, and it is precisely this territory, with its valley set between two rocky mountains, which makes the processing of the Specialty Coffee favorable. Coffee is processed using the wash method, giving it a fresh taste, which is able to enhance its acidity and aromas. The Columbia Huila is characterized by a pasty body that immediately emanates an intense tarot orange vein with a pleasant base of walnuts and almonds. The aftertaste instead reveals an intriguing note of very fine pink grapefruit with a long flavor.