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Costa Rica Terrazú Llano Bonito

Altitude: 1.200 – 2.000 above sea level; Grower: Cooperativa Coopellanobonito

Costa Rica Tarrazú Llano Bonito

Special Coffee features

A Special Coffee with golden cream

  • VARIETY: 100% arabica
  • ORIGINE: Léon Cortés, Los Santos-Terrazú, Costa Rica
  • GROWER: Cooperativa Coopellanobonito
  • ALTITUDE: 1.200 – 2.000 mt above sea level
  • AROMAS: sour notes that recall peach and red orange. Aroma of cocoa, malt and walnuts with spiced hints.
  • PACKAGE: 250 gr
  • TYPE: Coffee beans

10,30 Vat included

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A Speciality Coffee born in 1972

In 1972 Coopellanobonito plantation was founded, where the Speciality Coffee Tarrazú Llano Bonito was born, a 100% Arabica Special Coffee that comes from Costa Rica, privileged area for Special Coffee production. In Terrazú, in fact, there is the Coffee Association of Costa Rica (SCACR). Cultivated 1.200-2.000 mt above the sea level, Terrazú Llano Bonito interests 673 producers through a cooperative that has the same name of the plantation, for a Special Coffee with a farm in the sun 8 hours per day.

Peculiarities of Llano Bonito Special Coffee

The Terrazú Llano Bonito Special Coffee production process needs washing and then drying by machines. With a nice and regular aspect, Llano Bonito Special Coffee has a light cream, almost golden. The union of sour and sweet notes recall peach and red orange, while the aftertaste of cocoa, malt and walnuts makes its way, all of it with spiced hints. The result is a Speciality Coffee with a strong character, distinguished by its artisan work and by its plantation on irregular ground, with steep slopes.