Caffè Speciale Ethiopia | Fiorilli Caffè

Etiopia, Sidamo

Altitude: a 1.555 – 1.700 above sea level; Grower: Solomon Getu

Ethiopia Sidamo

Special Coffee features

A Special Coffee with interesting and lovable aromas

  • VARIETY: 100% Arabica – selected local varieties
  • ORIGIN: Sidamo, Oromia, Ethiopia
  • GROWER: Solomon Getu
  • ALTITUDE: 1.555 – 1.700 mt above sea level
  • AROMAS: flower, fruity and citrus notes. Aftertaste of spices and bergamot
  • PACKAGE: 250 gr
  • TYPE: Coffee beans

11,20 Vat included

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A 100% Arabica Special Coffee from Ethiopia

Speciality Coffee with Ethiopian origins, precisely from Sidamo region, Hawassa city, has fruity and flower notes, with spiced and sour aftertaste. Ethiopia Sidamo is cultivated on an important upland, 1.500-1.800 mt, and the coffee producing is classic and gives to the palate a washed 100% Arabica. Dried in the sun for 12-15 days, the beans are constantly raked to guarantee a uniform and accurate drying.

Speciality Coffee’s peculiarity

Great for espresso, it gives an interesting taste also with other extraction methods. The artisan work exalts its creaminess and intense aroma of ripe apricot and red orange, with a persistent aftertaste of bergamot notes. The body is good and that’s why it is a precious Casa Fiorilli Special Coffee, ideal to taste alone to catch all the undertones.