Speciality Coffee Santo Domingo | Fiorilli Caffè

Pleasant aroma with dark cocoa aftertaste, walnut and a bit of cigar tobacco.


Special Coffee features

A sustainable Speciality Coffee with a bronze / golden cream

  • VARIETY: Caturra and Typica
  • ORIGIN:Barahona, Santo Domingo, Repubblica Dominicana
  • GROWER: Melo family
  • ALTITUDE: 900m
  • AROMAS: dark cacao, walnut, tobacco
  • PACKAGE: 250 gr
  • TYPE: Coffee beans/Ground coffee

8,80 Vat included


The originality of the San Domingo Barahona AA coffee specialty

San Domingo Barahona is one of the Fiorilli house specialties and is considered by an important story behind it. This special coffee takes its name from its homeland, the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic; it is here that in 1963 Américo Melo became passionate about his company and is still under the management of his descendants. The high quality of this coffee is also the sustainable process that characterizes the cultivation of the product.

The unmistakable taste of the San Domingo Special Coffee

The San Domingo Speciality Coffee is grown on 375 hectares of mixed land between hilly and mountainous, partially clayey that contribute to making the coffee bean quality, distinguished by its good body and low acidity. After being harvested in the cooler months ranging from October to January, the coffee is fermented for 12 hours and then left to dry in the sun. The San Domingo Barahona is characterized by a pleasant aroma with dark cocoa aftertaste, walnut and a bit of cigar tobacco that make the drink pleasant with a pleasant spicy note.