Special coffees selected with extreme care. Toasted with craftsmanship. For the most demanding palates.

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Fine coffees with a strong identity. Unpublished and recognizable flavors and aromas. It starts from here.

Arabica Specialty and Fine Robusta together, to make everyday tasting excellent.

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Special and Certificated Coffees, the importance of coffee selection and production

The attention for coffee production and the accurate selection of reference traders for our Specialty Coffee supply,  and the membership in SCA (specialty coffee association) complete that tradition that stands out Fiorilli and its Specialty Coffee, so that Pierluigi e Valentina can start a new journey with the target of spreading a real coffee culture in Italy.

The importance of the supply chain in the coffee production and the birth of Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee, like everything we have everyday on our table, are really special if every part of the supply chain respects the natural production process: the growing, that safeguards the plantation and its workers from where Special Coffee comes from; the production, that has to consider the rarity of the product; the roasting process and the packing, that has to highlight and preserve flavor and organoleptic properties and then, the extraction method, that has to accent the characteristic of a 100% artisan product.

That’s why the two siblings are telling the backstage of their Specialty Coffee, to prove quality and safety of supply that are typical of Fiorilli, and to let everyone know what’s behind a coffee bean. A world to discover, where it’s never too late to learn and where small things make the difference. A combination of small details make one of the most famous drink an excellence to protect and defend.

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