How to buy the special Fiorilli Caffè coffees

Find out the world of coffee and Special Coffees of Casa Fiorilli.

Ask for a tasting of our Speciality Coffee and you will receive at your house your coffee, roasted by our artisan master just for you.

In Casa Fiorilli laboratory, Monday is the Roasting Day, the official day in which they make the artisan roasting for Speciality Coffees and coffe blends ordered the week before, so they can be sent the day after the roasting.

Casa Fiorilli coffee is different for its freshness and its artisan work, and thanks to that we can guarantee an “On Demand” service, to satisfy every need.

Fiorilli Catering S.a.s.
Via Vasto 5, 65121 Pescara, Italy

Tel: 085 21 22 703


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