If coffee is one of the most used drink in the world, we can not say the same about Special Coffees because not so many people know about this unique coffees.
As Italians, we know coffee as espresso, in a small cup and in a modest amount. American people prefer it in a big cup, long and less concentrated. But coffee is not just that, it is a lot more.


Behind this drink, in fact, there is a world like all the other food and we often ignore the passages that brings them in our houses. Speciality Coffee and Special Coffee highlight, on the contrary, their life path: in fact we know the unique coffees story and it is possible to retrace the whole production sector, traced in great detail.

The life cycle of Special Coffees: from the origin to the extraction of unique coffees

Special Coffees , to be defined as such, have to follow several parameters that we can find in the definition itself released by SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), founded in 1982 to promote the coffee culture and after that its European sister arrived, SCAE.
According to SCAA, a Special Coffee happens when a botanical variety is cultivated… but not just that. After the cultivation process, there is the harvest and the processing, where the product has to be carefully worked to keep its quality and its special characteristics.
The Special beans, still green, have a good homogeneity and they have no flaws, two important aspects because thanks to them the product will have an excellent taste.
caffe particolari | caffe speciale

The Roasting Process: Special Coffee and Artisan Masters

Roasting is maybe one of the most important phases in the Special Coffee production because it is the moment when the skills of the Artisan Master intervene. In fact it is thank to that skills that special coffee beans can distinguish themselves because of their nature. The craftsmanship in this phase is very important and it can make such a difference because an artisan that has always taken care of the roasting phase knows the most relevant aspects. Special coffee beans, for example, have to be roasted when fresh, using an artisan work, or aromas will vanish and the coffe will not be a real special coffee.

speciality coffee | caffe particolari

The extraction moment before the tasting of Special Coffees

The extration method is not less important when we talk about Special Coffee. The bartender skills have great importance, and thanks to them he can express himself through a cup, so the taster can enjoy all its unique notes. For example, it is important to dispose water and coffee in the right dose, that temperature is ideal, that the contact time is correct and so on.

caffe speciali | caffe particolari

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