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Speciality Coffee to taste real Special Coffees

Casa Fiorilli’s Speciality Coffee tell a true story: coffee (the most used drink all around the world) that becomes Special Coffee, result of an axcellent product thanks to the cure of all the passages to become a Particular Coffee.
Speciality Coffee’s definition, in fact, starts from the origin of coffee, in plantations, when they choose a botanic variey, and continues with the cure of the next passages. Coffee is, in fact, a rare and valuable product, that is affected by climatic variations, cultivation methods, collection method, toasting moment, grindind and, in the end, the extraction; the attention to all these phases makes it a special coffee.

SCA Standards

Details are the real difference for Speciality Coffee, that’s why Casa Fiorilli chooses with dedication its Special Coffees through a careful selection of growers, producers and exporters. They are the last ones to work on green coffee beans that arrive at Casa Fiorilli, ready to be toasted through a process to maintain their taste and smell, their benefits and the SCA standards (the world association for the promotion of excellence in the world of coffee).

Casa Fiorilli’s Speciality Coffees are excellent products that have attention and cure in the whole production chain.
They are characterized by a personality that assert itself in cups and that make the taste recognizable.

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